“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”

1676 letter of Isaac Newton

I have definitely learnt so far the importance of research in my FMP, and that quotes highlights it perfectly, using my research, not to reinvent myself but further my own goals. No matter what I do in my career research and understanding other artists work will greater my own, and right now it is most important.

This includes:

Primary research

  • New research
  • raw materials
  • own critique of something, eg an object, painting or literature. Where is it from? Whats it made of? Whats it doing? Social History? Material?
  • questionnaire
  • test of materials
  • making process

Secondary research

  • Books
  • catalogues
  • Newspapers
  • critiques, I don’t have to agree. Analyse it, what do and don’t I agree with.
  • documentaries
  • other people’s thoughts

different types of research could help me with my project like:

  • Historical research, revealing meaning in events from the past and finding links with my own work.
  • analytical research, looking at large data sets, eg taking pictures of graffiti around town and mapping them around the world.
  • Experimental research, exploring processes and material and trying new ways of making.

These are all considerably important and its very easy to get stuck in a rut with research nd sick to basic google searches, if I want to further myself I need to invest time and energy into looking at a wide range of things.


What do I want to look into?

About illustration study of design history, understand the subject

Into illustration design methods and practise,understand the process, new processes

Through illustration development of new knowledge, practice for the method of the subject, develop new knowledge.

There’s so much to look at, but i think the most important thing, is finding something that interests me,a nd sustains interest. The topic of technology is illustration has interested me since a few months ago, and I’ve barely touched the surface, I feel with a better understanding of what research I’m going into I could uncover a lot more information and create a solid, fact based project around it.


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