As I mentioned in my previous post I’m completely new to animation, so at the moment my work could take any direction. Anna and Rachel showed us some examples of some animations, all very different in style and technique.

A few examples of my favourites:

‘procrastination by Johnny Kelly’

The reason why I chose this one as it’s a great example of not only all the different ways of animating, but it made me realise I need to start thinking outside the box, I don’t necessarily need to just stick to one type of animating, it’s a chance to be really experimental, as in this case it works really well .

The Man with the Beautiful Eyes’  a collaboration between Animator Jonathan Hodgson and Illustrator Jonny Hannah.

This animation is definitely one of my favourites purely due to the style of drawing, this is obviously due to the imput of the illustrator. I really the love the use of texture , materials and colours. The materials and style of drawing is incredibly raw, it doesn’t try to be smooth or perfect they have just created some beautiful artwork, which works great alongside the narrator and the storyline. For want of a better word, it si incredibly illustrative, without just serving a purpose and each still is as beautiful and captivating as the next. The sketchy uneven line work plays hand in hand to the unknowing/uneasy storyline. The animator serves as a reminder to me that animation can be illustrative, not necessarily like the rest and also to make sure the tone matches the narrative.

 ‘Moodswing’ by Sheyra Sen

I am always drawn to the abstract way of doing things, and this video is most definitely that. Spoken in both English and Assamese, they both tell different feelings about the same space. The space being reflected by what seems like stop motion and movement of materials being shone through by light. Audio isn’t something I can really experiment with tin this project, as it is set in the brief, but it does start me thinking about other opportunities I can utilise it. However maybe instead of ruling it out completely I can consider sound effects, just not changing the voiceover. It’s also refreshing to see some work that is photographic and so far I’ve been a little trapped with the idea of just using drawings.

‘Velocity’ by Karolina Gluesic

As much as I enjoy all the other videos, this sis the one which I can see my work turning out the most like. My drawing style is fairly erratic and so is Karolina’s, I was worried that my work would not fit well with animating as its very sketchy and undetermined, but it actually looks phenomenal in Velocity, and I can see my work turning but this way. Even though his animation seems basic with a limited colour palette and materials, it still works and keeps attention throughout. Like in ‘The Man with the Beautiful Eyes’ is also shows exploration o texture and materials. I can see she has used things like graphite and charcoal just to create backgrounds with texture, simple but still intriguing, but I think for this to work it needs to be done well and fit in with the theme. If she had used any other animation style it might not of seemed fitting. This is an animation with I think heavily resonates with what I have in mind to create.

‘Dead Dog’ by Hannah Jacobs

Again, like Johnny Hannah’s work this piece was done by an illustrator. I’m really in love with her style fo drawing, and the way she transition s from each scene onto the next. There is a really great flow to the work done sometimes with really simple mark making. Again this piece is done with limited colour palette, and this keeps the focus on textures and content, rather than being distracted by colour.

All of the animations I’ve looked at, and prefer, are the ones that having an engaging use of textures and limited palettes. Also, when I started this project, I had a rough idea of animation, being detailed drawings, done on computers to make 3D and brightly coloured, I’ve found however by looking at animations such as these, that does not have to be the case, there are so many alternative, illustrative ways of working that I never knew existed and I’m looking forward to having the chance to try them out.


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