Today we were presented with our new unit, present and promote. Much like our unit last year, it has two parts of it, a presentation and we are required to produce a one minute animation for RSA.

The presentation:

This seems all in the preparation for becoming a professional artist/designer, especially as it’s not long until we graduate. The idea behind researching our field is finding out how we wish to self promote ourself, and how we are why we are going to do it in such way. It’s also good to have the skills to do able to present and promote myself to a prospect client.

This year seems to heavily rely on research, and how it can help me in my future career. In this case I think it is directly helping me develop skills for my career and allowing me to focus solely and what I want to achieve, and how to get it. Although presenting is always a bit nerve-wracking, we had to do a bit of that at the beginning of the year to present our summer project, and because I had done enough work it wasn’t too hard and I found my nerves easing as I knew what I wanted to talk about. So I think the same will apply in this situation, if I do enough research it shouldn’t be a problem.

We will also have to produce a CV which again will be incredibly helpful again in preparation for being employed. I have tried writing one before and struggled, so I think it will benefit me to sit down and have to produce one rather than doing it in my own time.


The Animation:

The second part of the brief includes making an animation for the RSA Student Design Awards. It’s a competition to make a one minute animation illustrating ana illuminating a clip from one of their talks. there are two to choose from and I chose the one about curiosity.

photo (2)

I have never animated before, so I’m really not looking forward to this task, but its important that I try my best at it as it will help me develop more skills to widen my practice, and eventually give me more opportunities as a professional.

My film will be judged on;

  • Social benefit 15%
  • execution 15%
  • Research 20%
  • Design Thinking 20%
  • Magic 30%

So as well as learning animation as a whole new skill and researching the subject area, its important to consider my piece of work and an intellectual level and keep it relevant to the task at hand. The animation needs to be enlightening, but not on a basic level, it needs to do something that isn’t the obvious answer to the brief, it needs what they put as ‘Magic’.

As this is my first time animating I think I need to start with a basic approach; Drawing, researching into animation I enjoy and simply experimenting. Later on I can then proceed to make a style I choose work on the brief that will elaborate and evolve the words of the speaker.

The best part I feel about this section of the brief is the fact we are entering it into an actual competition, whilst learing how to develop ourselves as professionals for professional life, we are also having a taste of it. At the moment, the part I, most not looking forward to is starting to animate, as I’ve never tried it before I could be really awful at it, but I will still need to produce something that is at least satisfactory to hand in.


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