My research portfolio should constantly be informing my FMP, the two are designed to play alongside each other and by synonymous with my passion of the subject. The unit is continually routed into my practice and focuses on situation my own practice into a methological, historical and intellectual context.

To do all this I need to find a lot to write about and this allows me to make considered links between my practice and research. All of this research will eventually lead up to me be able to make my own way of interpreting the world, and if done right, allow other people to see it too. The process involves a lot of filtering of information, for example, design is constantly all around us, everything we see was drawn and designed by someone, its impossible to escape, but what matters to me, and this project, is finding the designers behind the stuff we see, and which are the important ones. Looking at everything around us allows us to touch on the subject of culture, design is everywhere, but there is different designs around everyone. AN important point to consider, is because of my culture and where I come from, does that have any effect on the way I see the world?

Culture is a really interesting topic, and relates to almost any subject, but bring it back to my own project, but by involving into the topic of technology, they are actually similarly linked. cultures change and move due to the involvement of technology, some countries or even homes develop technologically at different times and rates. I’m really interested by this topic and think it could provide further insight into my research project.


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