This unit will be marked by a 4000 word essay (70% weighting) and an online research portfolio (30%).

This work will all play an important part of my practice and help me develop a professional language, which will be incredibly helpful in interviews.

I need to start thinking about drawing some mind maps and help discover what I am interested in as a persona dn artist, something that intrigues and interests me enough to write about, which I think will be my research into the technological age in my ‘summer project practice’. It’s important to also find all the things that can support my writing such as

  • websites
  • photos
  • books
  • exhibitions
  • documentaries
  • films
  • I think it is also really important that my research includes every single website I visit, even if it only helped a little, it still contributes to my practice.

I need all this to develop the language to be able to talk about my practice and contextualize it globally, and the rest of the world around me. it also important that when talking about issue and debates in research to make reference to my own practical work.

The importance of annotation of research makes all the difference, to make sure I have a good understanding of what im trying to look in to. this includes primary research, talking about what I did and why, and my analysis of other practitioners. this is in reference also to Rolfe Et Al;s (2001) :

What? So what? Now what?

Bruce Mav also believes in process becoming more important and outcome, and I think this is really important to remember when conducting all said research .


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