In my last post I mentioned the importance of technology and how it has affected contemporary illustration as a whole. One of the biggest versions of platforms out there is the huge blogging network, whether your blogging your own work or taking an interest and commenting on someone else, either way I think it provides a lot for illustrators, and it’s very often how I find illustrators or imagery myself. For example when completing my reportage project last year, which used glitch effects and distorted colourful imagery, it’s very well reflected on images I was posting on my blog at the time (see examples below).

tumblr_mp98jn6ezz1r9gy0to1_250 tumblr_mpl8rpBmN91qeoo7jo1_250 tumblr_mq95j1lJkT1qdg6sho1_250 tumblr_n03kfgDgWN1roz4ewo1_250

By watching the video I made as a result, you can see an extremely clear link between the work I was making, however at the time I never referenced these image with my work, I think this was due to a cross between not necessarily seeing the influence myself, and not really being able to anyway, as the huge issue with blogging on platforms such a Tumblr, although it provides the option, it’s very seldom that people will keep the orignal source or artist, or simply claim and steal it for themselves.So for me I think I use my personal blog as simply an archive of images I stumble across  to use for inspiration, but can’t justify using it in my uni work as it’s not exactly thorough research, but maybe that’s how I need to move forward, just use anything and everything that inspires me, rather than just a select few things.

However if blogging is done properly and professionally perhaps I could utilise it a bit better, making sure all my images are sourced correctly and perhaps it could then be used to not only inspire myself and others. I feel as though if more did this people would be more informed and understand the art and illustration world a lot more, know the names of the work, who it’s by and why they did it.This brings up a lot of questions about the type of blog I run and other people who do a similar thing, most of the images I re-blog from others are not sourced and simply just clicked on and placed on a blog someone on the internet, with little thought or consideration, does this make the generation of art bloggers shallow?? This way of working does show a little amount of intellectual knowledge on the subject and images, and perhaps people just choose them because it seems popular, vaguely interesting or fashionable?? This is something I could really see myself looking into in the future as it provides an interesting topic for debate.

Despite the fact that ‘shallow’ bloggers do exist, they are nothing compared to a lot of very successful bloggers out there. Many of my favourite illustrators I have found using social media such as Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr. For example –

Caitlin Hackett:



Tinhead (AKA Christopher Wright):


Louise Zerg:



These show the broad range of social networks which all equally well display these illustrators talents. Social Media is ever-growing and I think to be an Illustrator today, utilising its potential is vital and can really help you grow as an artist by giving so much more potential and opportunities. It can also lead to in some cases the chance to work on really amazing projects, for example a Model/blogger/artist from Tumblr called Felice Fawn, her blog became quite popular on social media, people generally following her lifestyle, but then it got used secondly to promote her artwork which lead to an amazing opportunity to work with Nick Knight’s show studio on Tumblr where guests artist have free reign over the blog for a certain amount of time which encourages artists to produce more work, and find new inspiration also.


I think this is not only a really amazing platform for fashion and the art world alike, it has also given me some really good ideas about what sort of projects I could produce myself, using a social networking platform, themed uploads designed to provoke a reaction and encourage others to work in similar ways, a project devoted to inspiring, reaching across messages and encouraging others to participate in the growing world of contemporary illustration, and recognising the effect of social media. It has also inspired me to work as a collective to do something similar as Nick Knight, but with Illustration myself based around weekly/monthly themes to work towards, themes being based on socially current issues or questions being raised in the media, keeping work current, fresh and up to date with contemporary illustration.

In addition to this, I’m also really interested in the idea of the everyday ‘shallow’ blogger and think it could be something really interesting to talk about, whether its in a positive light (promoting the arts) or in a negative way, simplifying the academic intellectual understanding beneath the work.



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