I previously mentioned how popular contemporary Illustration has become increasingly widespread and publicised strongly over the internet, and with that its impossible to not consider and mention the birth of digital art, which some believed solely increased the ‘want’ for illustrations in publications and in web design. personally I think photography and digitally drawn work all falls under this umbrella and once again comes down to the help of technology and its accessibility to almost anyone. years ago not everyone could afford a camera, and a personal computer or the software, but now almost everyone does, whether you’re an artist or not.

I had a search online for articles about people who see the same link between the two and I found this one by rawnet.com, here are some extracts which are especially interesting:

“So much of this illustrative progression seems to be down to technology’s transformation of our lives, and the way we transfer and consume data. In the last few years, It has become a common sight to visit a web page and be greeted with sophisticated illustrations. Obviously, I love seeing the wide variety of work on display, but I do find myself asking the question: “How did digital illustration become so popular?”

“what caused the shift in design focus? With the advancement in camera technology, it has become far easier to take a great photo. Tools such as Photoshop have taken this to the next level, allowing any photo to be digitally touched-up to perfection. Photographers are now no longer constrained to a camera’s quality, but instead can artificially create beautiful imagery at the click of a button.”

“An illustration was classically deemed a visual accompaniment to text that enhances the reader’s understanding of the content. Now, it would seem the meaning of the word illustration has shifted and has taken up it’s place alongside photography and other traditional creative mediums as a genuine art form. ”

From these quotes again I can tell that we are right back to the point of Illustration becoming a a growing art and understood as something a lot more than an image to enhance some text. I think this is really important to consider as it doesn’t only refer to digital art, but photography and digital Montage too. I have frequently used both digital montage and photography in my own work but never really pushed myself in the terms of digital drawing, whereas so far in this research project I’m trying to discover and cultivate new skills.The only issue I find with this that, I have tried searching but I can’t find many digital illustrators, that are not digital painting, and digital painting isn’t really what interests me. which makes me wonder whether its worth any consideration after all? It might be better just to stick with pen to paper if all I wan tot do is draw. I think it comes down to just practising in my own time. However I still think it is important to consider it as a part of the growing Illustration world, whether I participate in it myself, for example I could consider collaborating with another artists who does do digital painting/drawing.

An important thing for me also is also coming back to the definition and not ruling out photography or digital montage as illustrations. here are some selections of artist Chrissie Abbott’s work using digital montage. I really love her style and would love to try doing some similar work,majoritively when making digital work its very basic and i’m just  layering photographs, or physically making them, but her work has a far more sharp interesting look to them. I think I’m mostly like the mix of computer generated blocks and gradients with imagery also.

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A guide I found extremely helpful to go further into digital Illustration: http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/guides/illustration/



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