‘It’s Nice That’ is a really great website which showcases an amazing array of work from all over the world, and celebrates amazing, aesthetically pleasing, interesting work. It would be hard for anyone or illustrators to look at the home page and not find something they like, but, for someone like myself looking for somewhere to slot themselves into the world of illustration, it can be really hard when the diversity of work is so strong, like I’ve very frequently mentioned in previous posts.


It’s nice that, should definitely be congratulated on its range of work, but like all the other blogs I mentioned, it again can be quite shallow, not necessarily picking work that has great depth of context, but simply nice aesthetically. Even so, I mentioned before how my blog is purely images I like immediately when I see them, I don’t necessarily research into everything I post, but my own blog could become something a lot more like that, involving a bit about the artists and meaning behind he pieces. It’s nice that has a really good wed design layout with large images, but not a lot of text to read. I tend to write a lot so I could work in a way that involves a lot more talking and discussion, with issues and debates around different opinions on the work.

Another really great website I have found, which is a little different is slide-shows.tumblr.com, this is instead videos from publishers, artists, designers and booksellers talking about their work, which is really good because instead of just reading someone elses opinion, we are getting to know about the work, from the person we should be hearing about it from.

slide 2 slide

I would love to run a blog like this, but again you need to be involved and have a network surrounding you to be able to create something this great. But for me at the moment, learning about the art and design world, it works great for me to get inspiration from, understand what inspires and drives other people, and in turn do the same to myself.

For me, art blogging, through this project has become a huge interest for me, not just for inspiration and to aid me into finding style of work I like, but also learning what illustration is about. it changes and develops more and more everyday, and by keeping up with blogs like these is the way to do it, I believe. I think they are great because they allow everyone to see lots of different work together and the real diversity of work happening at the moment . which takes me back to what I’m hoping to research, and its things like this that prove to me I’m always going to be inspired by some many different things, whether its digital art, technical drawing, traditional painting or anything else. I wish to continue looking at new work happening today, and how much it has developed, right from the golden age.


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