Throughout my education experience I’ve heavily experimented with the contemporary side of Illustration, and this would seem where my interest and strengths lie. I am always finding alternatives to get away from the typical representation of illustration as a primarily technical drawing art. Although I do want to carry on experimenting I think it is also important for me to strengthen my technical drawing ability to help me develop skills in other areas, such as digital drawing.

Through research into contemporary illustration I can see that own personal way forward is not creating work based on a narrative to work alongside text, but to create work as individual art pieces, that focus on current social affairs and trends, especially to do with technology and social media. Blogging culture is a huge part of the art world and I think it plays a huge part in the popularity and distribution of Illustration, I would really like to see these theories represented in my own work and, possibly, in the future on my own blog which will post socially relevant illustrators and artists.

My work will always remain a range of Medias and experimental methods of illustration, dependent on the nature of project at hand, I will always strive to try new ways of working, whether they succeed or fail. My ethos through my education and career will always be pushing the boundaries of what typically is expected of Illustration.


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