I’ve started my search with the most basic of peoples opinions on what exactly is Illustration:

“pictures to accompany a narrative”

“Illustration is somewhere between an artist and a graphic designer, we communicate, express ourselves, record the events and tell a story by using illustrative imagery”

“illustration is communicating ideas through pictures.”

“Illustration to me is about creating one image or a sequence of images to make a specific point or tell a specific story.”

“An expression”

Even though I only have a few quotes, they are all from people involved, or studying the subject, and it was such a relief to hear they all say a similar thing and COMPLETELY avoid saying “Just drawing”. My most hated comment which I receive almost weekly if people happen to ask me if I study Illustration, is “Oh so you just draw all day then?”, which to me doesn’t even come close to what the subject is!! It is most definitely not ‘just’ drawing. It can be anything. Supposedly the word derives from the word ‘Illumination’ , and image becoming an illumination of an idea, describing, showing or (for want of a better word) lighting up whatever point or narrative the artist is trying to make.

I really believe that among the professional world it is clearly well-known,  that illustration is not primarily the art of drawing, but I don’t think it’s necessarily known to the wider spread world, and as Illustration is becoming a widely more popular subject its time for that to be known.

On a personal level, I know this is something I personally feel quite sensitive myself, being an Illustration student and not considering technical drawing my strongest creative skill. This project is all about finding out what interests me, whether it’s within drawing illustration or not. I’m going to try to be as broad as I can with my research and find out just what makes me tick. I’m glad I started with this style of primary research as it reminds me to not just look at drawing, but the wide real and art world around me.

Here I will collate images over the summer, that I have taken, or bits of Illustration I have liked:

2014-06-09 22.34.51

A doodle, but all the same a reminder that it doesn’t have to be anything important, it can simply be something you feel like drawing at the time, even if it is awful!

2014-06-28 14.34.33

An Illustration from a historical timeline featured inside Rochester castle, I loved it particularly because it didn’t just go with a typical grey bricked building, the use of colour is a good use of artistic license, something I fear to do myself sometimes and scared if a drawing is not accurate enough. Definitely will be noted in m own work to be braver when using artistic license, if it suits.

2014-06-28 16.52.53

Found an extremely old bookshop in Rochester, full of hundreds of shelves for thousands of books, and of all the books this is the only one which caught my eye. shows the difference use of good illustration is. Also really enjoy the use of traditional detailed drawing, but repeating it as a pattern, something to consider in my own work, instead of only trying obscure abstract patterns.

2014-07-04 20.06.02

Shells on a beach in Leysdown, loved the natural texture and pattern, would look great as a screen print on it’s own, will consider CMYK printing it, when back at Uni with the facilities.

2014-07-04 20.18.30

Same again with this picture, great patterns, would love to either draw it or screen print!! Both these images inspire me in the traditional way of Illustration, no direct purpose, but just inspires me.

2014-09-02 17.23.05

Currently working  part-time job in a shop that sells this as a phone, a piece of awful design! Very lazy and just intended to sell to children who don’t really know the difference between decent and non decent design. A reminder of what kind of “Illustration” and design I hate, and will strive against!

2014-09-10 14.45.07 2014-09-10 14.45.13

Visiting my local Maidstone Museum, and in a certain part of the museum with the very traditional paintings with these intriguing smell boxes underneath, so roses for the rose painting, fresh grass for people playing croquet in a painting and cooked fish for a still life of a fish feast. Really interesting concept and definitely something to remember to look into, adds a whole new dimension to the image, and reminds me of the interactive illustration we did last year, perhaps the two could be used together in the future.

2014-09-10 14.49.33 2014-09-10 14.49.39

On the same visit  I took a real interest in the insect taxidermy, if I were to draw from it I think it gives a really interesting perspective, they are still enough to draw, but tis not a photograph so it doesn’t become 2D. Will definitely consider looking into this kind of thing in the future.

2014-09-10 15.21.14 2014-09-10 15.21.25

On the same trip I found thee Two paintings done by a prisoner of war, done in a really lovely style. Example of using his surroundings as inspiration, didn’t have a lot but he used it as inspiration and produced something very beautiful and interesting for people to see in years to come.

In conclusion from my primary research, I have found a lot of eares in Illustration that I want to look at and explore, but nothing paticular yet, I’m hoping this will come from my secondary research.


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