Creative fields I’m interested in?

Currently want to look into creating some of my own ‘Internet art’, or work criticising it with my own work. So primairly want to look at making my own Illustration that is for art, rather than eitorial or reportage etc. Will delve into further research on the topic in my studies, perhaps by setting up a new blog devoted to it.

What skills and abitlites do I already have?

So far through my degree I have [rimairly worked with photograpghy, photograms, 3D and montage. Given that my work is heading in a digital route I thinki that this could change.

What skills do I hope to acquire?

I would like to further my interests in digital illustration, whether its painting, drawing or photomontage. IN addition to this I also want to go back and push my technical drawing skills as I feel it’s lacking and could help aid me in trying to improve my own digital drawing.

What do I currently enjoy in work and life?

Recently I’ve taken a strong interest in searching art blogs and websites like ‘its nice that’ online, this research project has also been quiet enjoyable compared to some previous. So researching for me has become quite an enjoyable experience, learning more and more about the art world and having a greater understanding of it.

What can I see myself doing in the future?

Alongside of making my own work, and continuing to experiment within the realms of illustration, I see myself running a blog that keeps up to date with new illustration talent, but also keeping up the current affairs that are relevant to the time they are posted, which I also hope to do in my own work.

What have I achieved by this research project?

I think from this project I have achieved where I actually see taking Illustration as a career.  I know that narrative and editorial illustration is not what I see myself wanting to work towards, and doesn’t interest me as much as making socially relevant work, as art pieces by themselves, rather than accompanying text. I’ve taken a key interest in the work branded internet art and can see it as inspiration for some of my illustration to come.


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