The next project set is the summer project practice, this project really asks me to look into and consider what I expect or want my professional career to entail. Second year has heavily been about me experimenting and finding out what kind of illustration I want to make, and in this project I want to continue to look at what Illustration is, as a degree course its very open ended as to what a career in illustration can actually be. Whether its editorial, book illustration fashion, printing and that’s what I really love about it. I want o have a deeper look at what interests me and why.

I also want to start thinking about looking at people who freelance and people who specifically work for companies, I think this is big part of finding out who I am as an illustrator. I want o look at a really wide range of artists who interest me, and not necessarily people who I think I make similar work to, but who inspires e to do something different or start a similar career.

In second year I really experimented with different materials and way if working and seeing which direction the materials took me in, but I want to step back a  little bit and look at other things that can influence my work. Other Illustrators and artists play a part of this but it also includes life experiences, so places I travel to, films I watch, music i listen to, people I meet and everyday experiences. I want to my research include all of these things, including just  a collation of images of things I find from the places I go and keep them to later influence my work.

I have run a blog on tumblr for around 3 years where there is a large collation of imagery which I think influences my practice also,  large amount to of it is uncredited, but it still plays a huge part in influence. For my research for this project I also would like to look at the blogging community, not just people who blog their own work, but people who blog other and spread and promote others work, something is now incredibly important. Some people even use this as a career and its definitely something I will consider in my research, as its something Ive done for a long time and is a working part of the Illustration industry.

In conclusion, i”m looking forward to getting stuck into this project and learn a lot more about what interests me, not just in my work, but where I see myself taking my career and the different options available.


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