Under Milk Wood is a 1954 radio drama by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and for this one week project, us and the second years were set the challenge to each take a page from the script and produce some imagery to be risoraphed and bound together, with all our work in.

I personally chose a page at random, but was actually incredibly pleased with the piece I received. Although I have read the whole script, the play begins with everyone dreaming about what they truly desire, then they all carry on their own lives in a small fictional fishing village in Wales, where not a lot really happens, before the play ends with them back to dreaming again. Its thought of as quite a modern play as it deals with aspects of surrealism and thoughts of the un-conscience, all themes becoming prominent in pop art at the time. the part i received was right from the beginning and has a description of the characters dreams. at first I wanted to create an image of all of them dreaming on the same page with little brief montage imagery to define each character. The play is also well-known, and perhaps became better known for the work Peter Blake made for the play. His work got a huge amount of press and is sen in exhibitions. There’s no particular narrative the images follow, it si simply a huge body of work inspired by the play. What I love about all of it, is how the range of style and techniques creates for a really diverse and dynamic approach to illustrating the play.

thomas-under-milk-wood6 peter-blake_Captain-Cat _71178051_peter-blake-19-collage DTfrontcover collage_

I begun, like I mentioned by finding lots of individual images, but then I was particularly inspired by a piece of Blake’s work in particular:

Peter Blake: Slow Clocks

This piece is obviously in reference to the character Lord Cut Glass who is forever dreaming and thinking about the 66 clocks he owns, which is referred to in my pice of text with simply the line:


Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock”

it’s a really simply line but really inspired me to create some work, using the same montage style as Blake but in my own way, and in reference to dreaming. my difference being to Blake’s piece of montage is, as the play was written in the 50’s the clocks I used are all designs from that era.

photo 1 photo 2

The two layered images are going to have the clocks and hair detailing in pink, and the text and head in grey. This will be my first time using risographing, but im really excited to try it out and before even using it, im considering using it for other projects. The style of illustration ive used (done using an ink and a calligraphy type quill) is something ive never ever tried before, and although basic im pleased with the outcome and feel quite refreshed to mix my work up a bit. I think this style could be developed into something more and has potential, and I might try to work it into other projects.


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