To kick of the animation project we have taken a trip to London Zoo to draw the animals. Admittedly I have huge reservations about starting an animation project because I felt like I need a lot of visual knowledge, knowing exactly how everything moves, and this trip was a good chance to learn how to do that. The problem with zoo animals is obviously they do now know they are being drawn, so as soon as you start drawing they will move straight away and your left with something half drawn, so over the day I had to eventually learn to draw quickly or wait around for a long time. As I have quite an erratic sense of drawing I tended to just draw what I can really quickly and just move on, or draw how they moved and changed. I struggled with this at first but over the day it became far more naturally. Of course though there are some drawings which I was happier with, and some I was not, and just ended up being too rushed. The problem being is that with some animals we automatically have some visual knowledge stored in our head, but with the animal like the kangaroo, it was the first time so I found it really hard, drawing it for the first time and having to do it quickly. photo(2)

In the drawing about my favourite images are the little turtle images who I enjoyed drawing his little flapping fins and he trotted around the bottom of the tank, it was fairly easy to draw his movement as they are quite natural shapes to draw.

eel photo(4)

This series of stingrays was also one of my favourites and I think the movement of their bodies was really enjoyable to draw, mostly because it’s very simple, but I was actually really pleased with the simple movement effect. It really helped me think about animating and grasping movement in drawing.

bird drawings bird llama page llama photo(5) page of meerkats little meerkat

In conclusion,  drawing movement was something I was afraid with, but after the trip I think I learnt a lot more about my own drawing style and got to grasps with just going for it and drawing the next moment and not spending too long trying to just to perfect one image and making it more about movement rather than detail. it definitely gave me more confidence to start animated drawings nad helped me become aware of how to draw movement, just by looking and drawing, instead of just trying to work it out. I tried looking up some artists that draw movement in animals, but it’s not necessarily an art form because I think its just something that you learn on a personal level. I’m hoping to keep this kind of drawing up just to develop my visual knowledge further and perhaps try drawing humans also.


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