Even though I have decided the ink is not something I want to take further in my work, we had a tutorial and manged to receive some tops and tips from my other classmates which have been written up below:
Tips and Tops:
Less is more, both in terms of imagery and animation.
Both your techniques, the painting and inks, look great 🙂
I quite like the shaky camera opposed to a really smooth animation 🙂
Close-ups look really good! Especially seeing the texture of the ink
Maybe if all were close-up it could obscure the message too much, maybe a combination of close-up and whole image scenes?
Framing (2 people have done Framing I’m afraid)
i like the shaky camera, i think its looks nicer home made than smooth.
looks nice close up, abstracts the scene but as abstraction is what you are going for this really works. really like being able to see the texture of the paint, close up’s are my favorite but maybe obscure the message too much, maybe a combination of both close up’s and shots taken of the whole image?
Tips: try a combo of close up’s/ far aways, and maybe try mixing your new drawing idea with some aspects of the ink/paint technique because seeing the textures was really nice 🙂
Tops: i really liked your animation of the “curiosity is a muscle” its like the least gimmicky version i’ve seen! 🙂 and the texture of the paint / close up’s makes it really visually interesting
Anna says:
Before really committing to this new style you would like to explore, do a little test. It might be a lot more labour intensive and demand more precise movements than the ink animation. Also a little reminder: Boil / Moving hold in the animation will save you a lot of time.
Also your old tests had a lot of potential in them, especially the muscle-structure in the ink tests were very strong. It might be interesting to see what would happen if you combined the two.
All of these comments have been really helpful and It would seem the majority seem to like the closeups more than the full version, which I agree with. People in the tutorial also seemed interested in the drawing i had in my sketchbook with I think I will be going back to. Anna suggested working with the technique more and labouring until I get it to work, but for me, I don’t think the style of it interests me in terms of general aesthetic. For now, I want to start looking into further research into animation style and see how I can develop the skills I have already gained.



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