My last try at animating was the montage work from the workshop, and rom this I decided none of the work I created was really the direction I saw my work going in, and actually found I prefered the style of my previous paint stop motion tests.  What I’ve decided is that I did like the broef experiemntation with type in stop motion but want to combine this back with the paint style of work.  When I discussed my ideas with my tutor she suggested looking at the work of Marijan Bantje’s who I have previously looking at last year in my work with typography, so its someone I’m fairly familiar with. She was also recently in an episode of Varoom magazine which is really helpful to be able to see more of her recent work, as a response to this the magazine have an online article displaying all of the centre spreads she has made for the magazine, which has given me a great insight to her approach to typography.

“The Canadian Graphic Artist Marian Bantjes has been a regular contributor for Varoom Magazine for the past four years, creating an intriguing and visually complex double page spread for every issue since issue 14. She started contributing to the magazine after her book I Wonder, a beautifully decorative merging of graphic art and the written word, was featured in issue 13. Her work can be described as ornamental, and frequently explores the realms of illustration, typography and design. One thing can be said for certain about her hugely varied imagery – it is unrestrained, and won’t allow itself to be constrained to any one ‘style’. In the past, her spreads have featured everything from photography to typography, from collage to pattern design. In a way, the very breadth of content and style within Marian’s work shows us all that illustration can be.”

Taken from Varoom’s website. This article highlights the importance of her work, and her exploration of the art form that is illustration, with her intuitive use of typography, which is incredibly dynamic, and she is always experimenting in new ways.  For me she is especially great of revealing new and  creative ways of using typography. This is something for that I’m considering using and considering in my animation. what I’ve noticed is her heavy experimentation with the use of surface and texture when creating typographical work.  We tend to naturally limit type, to a pen and paper format, but Bantjes is incredibly talented for breaking down these boundaries. There is definitely something in this that I can take away and add to my animation project, as an alternative way of looking at the speech from the sound clip. At the moment my work is relying heavily on image, and paint, but lacks focus on the actual words and I think typography could be a really god way of focusing back on it, helper the viewer to understand what he’s saying by bring attention to key words from Ian Leslie’s Speech

15-Bantjes-720 18-Extravaganza-720 25-bantjes_empathy-720 27-bantjes_interpretation-2-720


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