The theme of todays workshop was making irony in my images but using montage. We’ve done a lot fo previous work on montage in the past so my main focus for the dy was making something move, rather than getting bogged down perfecting a static image. This was a perfect oppurtunity also because I have previously mentioned wanting to have a better grasp on the content of my images. This is the first short I made:

the bad quality is due to a recording on my phone, but at the moment that doesn’t seem important as im focusing on content. In the previous crit I also decided I wanted to try working with text and this is what I’ve tried to do here, and by keeping the imagery limited the text remains the focus. Although simple, I’m happy with the outcome, but I do not think I’ll be creating similar work apart from the use fo cut out letters, I think that could actually work well, as well as using handwriting.

This was a far more basic, spur of the moment and a fairly literal interpretation of a ‘curious cat’ , based of course on the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’. although basic, and not using any typography I still find this style of visual language quite satisfying and I really  think its something I could end up using, as i like the merging of montage and drawn ink details. taking a normal image of a cat also and changing it to seem surreal si also quite striking and evokes the viewer’s attention, something that, for example, a normal cat image not adjusted, just moving wouldn’t do. Definitely something to remember when creating imagery, perhaps going down the surreal route could give me the edge or  ‘magic’  they were looking for in the brief.

this is was my final animation of the days brief, and was actually an adaptation of the first animation I created. I started in the other one by representing the facts as a bomb, killing the curiosity (a quote from the audio file)k, but I decided to develop this by making the facts literal by cutting them out of a magazine, but the twist on this is I tried having a drawn character, which I have never tried before. Happy with the use of facts in the animation, but i don’t think that it worked having the two together, as I used minimal animation characterizing the mouth and it was completely distracted by the facts pouring in with bold text. This was also very different from anything I’ve tried and im not sure it suits my animation style, but I will however keep in mind using the literal facts.

I found this session very useful and it helped me to think about the content of my imagery, what im using and why the next step will be to experiment more with text and materials, and then start storyboarding.


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