After looking into the work of Marijan Bantjes I wanted to explore they way she uses surface and texture through typography to create a typographical animation that explains and elaborates Ian Leslie’s words. Here is a brief storyboard I have created to do so, using movement and type texture to highlight the words and associate with the actions from Leslie’s speech.  IMG_0567[1] IMG_0568[1]after creating this storyboard I came up with a better  and typographical animation, in the sketch below which I thought served a much better interpretation of the audio that just questions marks, which is also a very cliché answer to audio. It creates a more literal response and I also thought could pulsate the muscle for move the muscle with a paint texture which could look really great and give my work that added edge.




Although I have drawn out a storyboard i for around 10 second worth of the audio I thought it would be best to try out a brief idea first, and as I last time I had trouble with the paint drying I thought a better answer this time could be to use printing ink as its takes a lot longer to try to continues to be act a lot more fluid, meaning I wouldn’t have to just keep adding paint but be able to actually move it round the glass plate creating natural and organic movement.

I had the idea to have a muscle drawing underneath the glass paint which could be revealed bit by bit as I move the ink around. Due to the nature of the material I didn’t have a set plan for the setup and let the process and creativity coming natural, only knowing I wanted it to reflect the first line of the audio “Curiosity is a muscle,  use it or lose it!”.

Below is the result of the animation:

Throughout the process I had an extremely experimental approach to how I wanted to make my imagery, all i knew was I would have the muscle texture underneath. So I went for a range of approaches to discover something that had a tactile feel and fluid movement. I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I was also able to make some nice prints from what I have (which you can see underneath) I really enjoyed experimenting with texture and process but I definitely felt like I lost focus of what I was trying to do a lot of the time and the recording ended up being nine seconds long, when the line I was animating is actually only a second, which is a huge error and oversight by myself. but I still think I learnt a lot from the process.

IMG_0572[1] IMG_0573[1]

I also tried a  close up version of the film just to see a play of the textures used and I think actually prefer the look of the close up.

Although this video lacks any link to the audio or my research I still like it as a piece of animation on its own without any context.

I did try making another video about the next line but I only took a few photos, which wouldn’t even be enough for a second of animation, and the general aesthetic isn’t great, its unclear and the typography doesn’t work (the print of the plate is below).IMG_0574[1]


In conclusion I think the process worked well for the muscle textures and gave me a really god insight to how I can work with typography in my animation, but maybe printing ink isn’t the most attractive option, as although it is an enjoyable process I don’t think that it as actually ended up looking as visually interesting as it could. The main thing I have taken from this process is the typographical quality and how i could possibly be able to work with the curiosity being drawn as an actual muscle, but I think I need to source a new visual style to represent my typographical ideas which i had drawn in my storyboard.

overall I’m happy I made this animation and it was a good learning curve and gave me a good introduction to working with stop motion, but it has taught me this isn’t the direction I want to take my work. Before I try making the next animation I think my next step would also be to make a dope sheet, so I don’t have similar issues again with making far too many frames for the amount I actually need for the finished animation, without just completely. I would think about going back tot the simple textures of the close up video but there is no context to the work or process.



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