After my previous post, I thought more about what I want my visual style to be and I have decided to stick with the simple black and white line drawings, trying my hardest to not use exactly cliché images but objects or scenes associated with what Ian Leslie is talking about. I’m really happy with how these pages turned out and I think I have taken the most influence from Anika London and  Karolina Glusiec, when I eventually draw these frames I want to draw them with a boil, or at least most of the animation as  boil. From my drawings you can also see that I still want to follow typograpghy as well as shapes and objects. I think the inclusion of all of these things is what will help me creative an individual intuitive idea.

IMG_0584 IMG_0585 IMG_0586 IMG_0587 IMG_0588 IMG_0589 IMG_0590 IMG_0591 IMG_0592 IMG_0593 IMG_0594 IMG_0595

One of my favourite drawings from my designs was the dinner table representing family, as that is where a family would traditionally congregate, avoiding having the actually family members. Here is my first tester:

Even though it was only a second animation I tried my hardest to give it some animation so I had the food go up and down on the plates, but before I filmed it I also tried a water colour version (Inspired by Hannah Jacobs), just incase it looked a little empty and desolate as a singular image.

Now I have both of the animations, although the watercolour version looks better as singular frames rather than as a whole I think I will have to revery back to keeping simple black and white with a boil, even though in this animation when a second is put together it looks far too frantic as I changed the food in the plate every single frame and it just becomes too much, as they word is only in the audio for a second I don’t want the animation to be over powering with too much movement, as after all that’s what I liked about the ‘Bad Day’ animation. In addition if I want my audience to follow the words well, its important for me to keep the visuals easy to read and not too distracting, just give enough information to add to the words without over powering.


When I presented the two animation in a tutorial the response to the work was definitly a better responce to black and white, and I think that’s what I will keep to as the public is who I need my work to appeal to, rather than just myself, it needs to be beneficial to them. So, in conclusion, I’m really happy with how the ink drawings look as an animation and I would be happy to continue using it in this manner. So after, I’m happy with my testers and the content so for now I just need to start making the final film, as after all, if i don’t like how it turns out I can just work into it until it’s something I am satisfied with.



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