‘ Carr N.G the shallows: how the internet is changing the way we think, read and remember London, Atlantic.’

This books looks at the historical references the historical context of the internet affecting the way we think, which isn’t only important for my essay, but important to remember the importance of using historical context when making informed intellectual discussions in essays. Historical context allows me to be able to show where my influences come from and it only needs to be a few hundred words describing its historical placement. I think my essay should include 200- 300 words, as im not writing  history essay but I would benefit from having the added context, alongside the analytical content. My essay needs to include analytical research , everything I’m looking at, take it to pieces to begin to understand, and then the contextual research, understanding where its come from and why.

other things to consider when writing my essay:

  • Ethnography, researching the scientific description of people’s and cultures with their customs, habits, and mutual differences. May not be something you would think to consider at first for an art and design essay, but still helps when considering contexts.
  • Anthropology, a study of humans, in the social sciences and humanities, again similar to ethnography, easily forgotten but still another intellectual angle to add context to my writing.  for my essay for example I can look at the coal issues surround th internet and arts involvement in that.
  • I also need to consider ‘storytelling’, what am I trying to tell everyone and how will I do it, I still need to define the point im making and tell it in an understandable way.

A brillient example of someone famous involving horitiical context is Vivienne Westwood’s Spring/Summer 2012 catwalk show:

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The theme of this work was the idea of sampling. Design and technology has now reached a higher level and instead of just constantly making or designing things new, they sample things from the past, and her work is a perfect example and exploration of this. The music played in the catwalk was a mixture of classic, folk and contemporary, sampling bits of everything. This was again reflected in the clothes, with what seemed like used bits of material or clothing that would of had a previous use, like the numbers athletes wear. All of the clothing is deconstructed in a similar manner, but then when sampled and put together make historical references the 18th century culture, in addition with the hair, makeup and location. To me this proved that even in fashion design, it’s not always necessarily about making something new, it can also be about making references to the past or cultural issues. She also showed the variety of ways that this can be done, whether it’s through, the work themselves and the way they are presented.

In conclusion, before writing my final essay I need to look into the historical context of what im looking into, the effects of the internet as this will add depth to what im trying to say. also that it doesn’t just stop at the essay, this includes work I produce.


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