­­Looking at how illustrators have used the GIF and interactive web pages to advance their work and appeal, could definitely have an influence on my own practice, and what I can use to keep my own work relevant by using the internet as a medium. I feel it is also important to further address the cultural capital implication of taking internet art out of the web and placing it inside galleries. This provides opportunities to critique the matter and push the boundaries of what it considered and cultural, and uncultured dependent on the medium used which I can do so in my own practice.

To conclude, artists popularly used the internet as a medium to create work in the late 20th and early 21st century, which we can owe to the immense growth and popularity of the internet and its technologies. As a medium the internet has created new ways of understanding materiality and our cultures reactions with it. It can be often used as a platform for interactive web pages, collaborative projects or as a host for GIFs to be shared and discovered. We can also begin to understand the meaning of using the internet as a medium by referencing the book ‘The medium is the massage’ by Marshall McLuhan to understand the messages that the medium creates. The art form inspired by the medium spans across many subject matters, including the everyday desktop, how people interact online, and even as entertainment. What we can always assume however is that internet art will always be “buoyed by the technological, economic and social specification of its medium” (Greene 2004 p 31). There are further matters to discover in the subjects, such as the social politics of where internet art is posted and hosted, and how using the internet as a medium can create and inspire online art communities though blogs, collectives and archives.Over the years the themes of internet based work has adapted and changed creating products of its time. But we can conclude all work created using the internet will always be a reflection of the medium used, and the artists and illustrators interpretation of its materiality.

I’m really satisfied with where my research has taken me into the realms of internet art and I think I;ve gathered a really good understanding of why artists have looked at and utilised the medium of the internet in their work in the 20th and 21st century. I think for me they key thing to take from my research is not only the comparison of early internet art and today’s contemporary internet art but note the way the medium is used and why. There seems to be lots of running themes between each artists and the effect the medium has had on the generation as a whole. Not only has my research put me in a good position to write my dissertation about it but it has also influenced me to create work myself in final major project doing exactly what contemporary illustrators I’ve looked at have been doing, using the medium to their advantage.

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