contemporary Illustration and its development into the digital arts

  • Too vague and, sounds like reference to digital painting or drawing

Illustration and its relationship to internet art

  • still too vague

How are art turned to internet art, and how does that affect taste

  • sounds clumsy and doesn’t reflect my research well

the effects of the internet on art and illustration

  • I like it more but too boring.

How and why has the internet affected art and design

  • doesn’t sound professional enough, too clumsy still

Illustration being able to exist due to developments in technology

  • Again, technology sounds misleading in comparison to my research.

How can the internet be used to advance artists and illustrators practices?

  • getting closer, but still doesn’t sound fitting enough to research

How do artists and designers & Illustrators use the internet to keep their work relevant?

  • Good, but only actually refers to s small portion of my research

How has the internet affected artists, designers & illustrator practices?

  • Not sure if affected is the best/accurate term to use.

How have artists, designers and illustrators utilised the internet and technologies to remain relevant?

  • Too word heavy and specific

How can the internet and technologies be used by artists to remain socially relevant?

  • again pigeon holes all of my research and forgets the most of it.

what is the importance of the internet and technology on art and design

  • don’t think it reflects my research well enough

how can the internet and technologies be used by artists and designers to adapt into todays contemporary practice

  • too long, rambling.

importance of work that exists purely because of technology

  • too short and not fitting enough

Adopting Modern practices

  • much wider subject than I’m actually referring too

How much of an influence is the internet on artists and designers today?

  • Much closer but doesn’t sound right.

How does the internet influence the practice of contemporary artists and designers?

  • This title is perfect for my project, not only does it sound interesting and as if its written with some intellect, it fits all of my research
  • It will allow me to mention positive and negatives as the title is ambivalent
  • It will also allow me to mention why its popular in particular.
  • For now this is the perfect tile for my essay, but understandably it could change as I continue with the writing process.

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