Now I have written a new essay title I have written some more notes from what I think it fitting for a new draft, it also mentions things which should be included if I am following the advice of the written essay guide we received.


When?  quotes from books, the theory about why internet arts became popular, links with technology and art. Also would help to mention POP art, which was due to a different social climate.


Who? Describe the general aesthetic of it, only available on screens as digital imagery rather than physical. Most internet art is made using Photoshop and Illustrator. Find some quotes on the formatting of art, which leads to GIF art and materiality, important to reference Fontana from history and the importance of the materiality of th medium.

Sociological and cultural:

How? Social media plays a huge part in distribution, takes away from the traditional medium of just using art galleries which are accessible to the everyday person. This can be contrasted with when this becomes involved with the real world, for exhibition the GIF exhibition at the photographers gallery. WOuld be worth mentioning cultural capital at this point.


How significant – Influences many as available to a wider range of people, compared to when art was limited to galleries and art schools.

Extra notes: Should start by saying purely a cultural and sociological issue.Also should mention what I mean by contemporary art

Finish essay by saying the art world will always continue to develop and change in a way to find new mediums.  mention what I have not solved through my research, and relate back to my practice. What are the implications of what I’m writing about. What conclusion have I collectively drawn from my research.


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