I went over my final Essay draft with Rachel and she was really happy with what was written, but when we looked at it together we noticed that I was going to go on and look at even more research, even though what I had been already thorough so I decided to leave it as it was. Instead  just looking at early internet artists leading onto an understanding more contemporary artists and illustrators. The essay also needs more of a focus on the discussion of the medium and what it means to practicing artists and illustrators so I’m hoping to go back over my essay and add in more detail the theories of Mc Luhan and add it much more throughout the essay to give it a greater understanding to the reader and make sure that the subject of the medium becomes the main focus.

By giving the medium a bigger matter of importance on the essay I have also decided to rename the title to fit in with the discussion of the medium. It has been renamed to:


How are Illustrators and contemporary artists influenced by the medium of the internet?



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