Overall, now I have finished my research and writing my dissertation I feel entirely confident with my understanding of the internet as a medium for artists and illustrators and how it has developed over the past few decades. I begun my research just starting to notice internet art and grasp its purpose and place amongst the art world. As my research continued it led me to understand its importance as a medium and its the constraints, benefits and tactile nature that makes it an incredibly dynamic form to work with. It was also important for me to learn the different ways it can be adapted to suit a particular need. Not only this but this way of working was not just impulsive acts by the artists but simple a product of time, living in the digital age where people are reading absorbing most of their information online it became a natural progression for artists to do the same.

This dissertation and vast research portfolio has given me a great stepping stone to base my Final Major Project on. At the forefront of my work it will be important for me in this work to be part of the group of illustrators moving forward into the digital age and embracing GIF art and its capabilities. I would like to understand where I sit within the practice of contemporary illustrators and use all the knowledge I have on the importance of the internet in my practices and utilise it to the best of my ability. I think it would also be really interesting to create work that focuses wholly onĀ  existing as an illustrator uthat uses the internet as a primary medium for my work to exist.


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