Whilst working on my self promotion It is also important for me to remember where I want my career headed.  For me I always thought that anyone who is an illustrator needs an agent to be deemed successful, however after looking into the subject that is not always the case. An article mentioned that agents can mostly be of importance if you are struggling with self promotion yourself, either that or you would like help with the Admin side of things. People who work in the agencies, also say that they help people who are maybe drowning in work and need someone to organize their workflow and projects so that they are working efficiently.

Although I started this project looking at ways to promote myself, I think it’s still an important remaining fact, that I want to do a lot of it myself, but I think it’s a good idea to look into agencies for the future. Ways of getting my work to them can include emails and sending physical work to them. For me I would rather send physical work, as it shows a little bit of effort, even if it is more expensive. They also mention the importance of trying something a little bit different, instead of just trying to do work similar to what illustrators they already have, they recommend to keep it fresh. I think this is all important to remember and considering sending work to an agency seems very important to me, but it doesn’t seem a must. However here are the top agencies that come up on google, so I feel as though these are the ones I should aim to apply for.

agent cia agent eye candy agent folio agent Handsome Frank agent illustration web agent jelly agent lemonade agent nb

Another pointer I learned from agencies recommendations is its good to show you working with other people, and public projects and exhibitions as this shows you are at least active in what you’re doing. Not only will this be good for me to showcase work, I think it was also be incredibly good for my practice to work together, so as soon as I can I hopefully aim to work with a collective, or at least have some collaborative projects to put under my belt.

In Conclusion, working in a collective is definitely something I want to start doing when I graduate as not only is it good for my practice, it will help promote myself, and in turn promote my chances of working with an agent.  I want to try doing self promotion all by myself for  now, but that could prove very difficult, so it seems a sensible option to keep in mind.


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