As well as promoting my work on social media,which is aimed at my  informal target audience, alongside my own practice I want to blog about other illustrators and creatives. I think that it also important for my own practices to know what other practitioners are doing, and be able to reference them within my own work even when I graduate. Not only this, but if I’m talking about other people on the web, it can be noticed by lots of people, and the illustrators themselves, so if the two are working side by side it can attract attention to my own work and create an audience for my voice.  It also has the advantages of an alternative career path to the one I have.

By using the two previous platforms I have looked at, they are mainly image based, but I feel as though they might not be as suitable for blogging on. For now I will just look at forms of blogging that interest me. Nick KNight, who I mentioned previously uses tumblr, and a website, to show case and spotlight certain artists and designers. Sometimes they will be allowed lots of their own work or will post imagery that inspires them from other creatives. this is a really great idea, and encourages working with other people to find and discover some really inspiring work, for myself and others. This way of working is somewhere I hopefully see my work ending up and something to aspire to. I will also at some point in my research be looking at collectives, collectives traditionally put on shows together and create work around a similar topic of interest, but it might also be interesting to create a blog that is accumulative of lots of bloggers working together to find other illustrators looking at one particular subject area. This could give me a niche on the market, as blogging is incredibly popular and there is a huge market for it and possibly I need something that sets me apart from others.

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Slide show is also a really interesting blog that has provided themselves with a niche, instead of just posting articles, which a lot of blogs do, the standard writing with a few images, instead they work using clips of videos, which gives them a niche and sets them apart from the rest of the blogging competition.

slide 2 slide

My favourite out of all the blogs is ‘It’s nice that’, the blog does stick to the general norm of a small bit of text and pictures, but the reason I think they are so popular is because of the content they post about. The work they post is always new and fresh, and their approach to talking about the work is incredibly relaxed,  and avoids being pretentious in the way it talks about the artwork in question. They don’t go into too much detail about the work or the creator behind it, they simply state why it is so great and hope that the audience thinks the same. I think that is what keeps the audience’s attention, each post is brief which by the time you scroll to the bottom you can see even more posts with eye-catching images, and before you know it you have looked at around 50 different posts, which equals high traffic on their web page, which equals popularity and success. This idea and ethos is definitely something I will consider when creating my own blog to promote myself.



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