As well as having all of the important forms of promotion it’s also important for me to keep with the basic principle of cv’s and business cards as they are classic and a necessary tool. ‘Moo cards’ also seems the best. I first have sketched out same basic designs for scanning in a test hand drawn font to add onto a business card. None of these I think will be a formal design but it feels good to at least have something to show as a business card as and when I need them

business card layout

details logo bigger crop

front of business card improved front of business carddesign 3 design 2 design 1

For mine as you can see I’ve kept it incredibly basic with just my name, contact details (website and email) and images of my work as I don’t want to clutter the card, just let my work, do all the work for itself so to speak .

Also an alternative, not so common options such as postcards, or even magnet but this could seem gimmicky, but worth considering, as if they are done well enough potential clients will hold onto them.

Cv’s are also worth a mention as I will need to send them out at some point, I haven’t written one yet as I’m hoping I’ll have done more things to put on it, but for now I like the idea of either keeping it incredibly simple or being incredibly creative and different for example THIS cv made by a graphic designer called Robby Leornardi using interactive features.

cv 1 cv 2


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