After looking at portfolio hosts, I decided as I want to keep my blog and portfolio together, I would like to design my own, with the help form a web designer to make it a reality.I have made contact with someone with an amazon server who will be able to help me with coding after I decide exactly what it is that I want. This stops me from just working with a template that many other people with have, it breaks me out of the mould and means I can potentionaly have something entirely new and original. The things I want to include on my page are portfolio of work, blog, contact details and an interview with myself (keeps my webpage personal). This website will be entirely aimed at my formal audience which includes potential clients, art directors and agencies, but of course it can be linked in with my social media to keep the traffic and exposure up.

The things I need this website to do is:

Be clear

Communicate my diversity of work


Easy to navigate

Combine blogging with portfolio

Make me easily contactable

Look professional

This website will be a lot more expensive and time-consuming than using a pre designed one, but I think this will fill my needs for promote more and allow me to be in control and create a niche.

t’s also important for me as I think working in a group creates morale, and I really hope to work as part of a collective one day. Which can all be intertwined with a website, and helps promote fellow illustrators as well if we all have links on a website.

possible web design

This is a basic design I have sketched, which includes everything I think my website will need, however these things do take a long time and will be a while till I can create something working and ready, but for now this is the plan that I see for mainly promoting and presenting my work in the future.


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