Moving on from my first post about target audience, I first want to look at my informal audience, where the attention will be mainly focused on the tools of social media.

Facebook is one of the biggest forms of social media, so widely available, and as soon as someone follows the page it makes it available for everyone else to see, This is also adopted by many other artist and illustrators, because it worldwide and a huge amount of the population uses it. Also provides a constant reminder in people’s lives. By popping up randomly on people’s page, without them even realising they are more likely to remember or recognise my work.


Analytics: Something that Facebook does, that Instagram and twitter do not do, is provide a free analytics service. This can help me focus on what is interesting my target audience, which can in turn provide information on what work I should be showcasing to my professional audience in the form of portfolios and websites.

analytics 1 anlytics 2

Facebook pro’s:

  • free
  • analytics
  • world-wide
  • serves as a good reminder in my audiences day


  • If I don’t have a huge following, could make me look worse and unpopular.
  • There are a huge amount of existing artists and illustrators on there, how do I ensure I stand out.
  • The page isn’t customisable which makes it hard to stand out.

overall, I’m a fan of the pages generally as it’s how I find and follow a lot of artists and illustrators I enjoy, however, it might be a better idea to only use it when I have a much larger  following.


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