I have already thought about creating my own website, with a very normal viewing format of work and blog entries, but this is not the only type of webpage I can consider to promote my work, there is also interactive web pages. This doesn’t have to be my exact webpage, but at least a link to it. This could be centered around the work in FMP about using the internet as a tool for my work, is I made something that creates online interest it will have my name and link back to my work. Hopefully, if its done well it can spark interest in my work and encourage more commissions by being inventive.

Websites that I have seen successfully do this are firstly ‘The Wilderness Downtown’ which is an interactive film made me Chris MIlk, featuring the music of Arcade Fire, and the project was designed by chrome with the intention to promote the browser and Arcade Fire’s song ‘We used to wait’. The webpage starts by stating who its about then using tabs and interactive drawing tools to take you through the video.

wilderness 1 wilderness 2

The interesting nature of the project encourages people to share the link, and thus increase the chances of being linked back to Chris Milk and Arcade Fire’s music.

Another popular interactive webpage is Georffery Lillemon’s ‘I Love You Like A Fat Lady Loves Apples’, another strange example, but still was an interesting project that sparked online attention, and I would never have known the artist’s name if it wasn’t for this web page being spread virally.


An interactive webpage is something I will consider for promotion once I have learnt how to do so, as again it is giving me another Niche in the market, and any self promotion can’t really do any harm!


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