Facebook is not the only platform, there are others which are equally as successful for other working illustrators. These are the most basic forms that are successful and widely used. Social media spans across a wide range of websites, I will have a brief look at each and look at the pros and cons.

Twitter Pro’s :

  1. It’s free
  2. worldwide
  3. use of hashtags can open up a lot of possibilities for people to find your work .
  4. Used by a lot of famous people, who are easily contactable
  5. You can link to any web content.
  6. People are much more open to following people they don’t know, unlike Facebook.
  7. Gives me a voice


  1. Not really designed for photo sharing
  2. Most people use it for personal use.
  3. There is not a huge art sharing base on twitter, apart from a select few (pictured below)
  4. Based on sharing opinions rather than art work
  5. No notifications to show others when other people follow or find you.
  6. The page is not customisable apart from a header image

twitter 1 twitter 2

Conclusion on twitter:

I think the social media platform is successful and well-known, but not necessarily overly helpful for practising artists. It isn’t well designed for image sharing, although it does have the capabilities, however it does seem helpful for promotion. If I were to use the website as a way of promoting myself I think its use would be based on getting my name known and promoting an exhibition or project, or even sharing other people’s work, or opinions on their work. The illustrator Quentin Blake recently done a live twitter ‘Q&A’ on the house of illustrations page, so in that sense it’s really good way of connecting worldwide with your audience, but for now I don’t think its essential just for starting up as a freelancer.

Tumblr pro’s:

  1. Heavily used by artists, illustrators and creatives alike (Nick Knight show studio etc)
  2. searchable by hashtags
  3. Tumblr has a huge fan base
  4. ‘rebloggable’ images
  5. very easy to share photos, in fact the platform is designed around image sharing
  6. Heavily customisable page

Tumblr con’s:

  1. Very young following which might not be useful
  2. source and credit is very often lost or deleted

2 4

Tumblr conclusion: I believe Tumblr is an excellent platform for blogging as well as sharing my own images, not only does it work well on the dashboard function, my own page can be heavily customisable and be used be used as a webpage. Although it is a younger following I don’t think that could do any harm if they are going to know my work or feel inclined to ‘reblog’ my images. The scare of losing credit for my images is worrying, but I think that is a concern anywhere I am willing to blog my images online.

Instagram pro’s:

  1. worldwide
  2. used by most artists and illustrators
  3. hashtags allow anyone to see it searching ‘illustration’ for example
  4. INcredibly popular so will be a constant reminder in people’s lives
  5. Is designed for image sharing
  6. allows you to edit your pictures on the programme
  7. similar to a portfolio format


  1. limited to a square shape.
  2. lots of people don’t go on instagram for art and design
  3. most people use on a mobile device which means your images are always small
  4. cannot ‘share’ or ‘reblog’ the images.


Instagram conclusion: For Instagram seems one of the best options as it is wholly designed for image sharing, which just seems to make sense. I think it is a perfect tool for my informal audience as it is constantly being used and it allows them to follow me, but I don’t need to follow them back. Although it does have faults of a constant square frame and mostly a small screen, its good to remember that this isn’t a professional portfolio, but somewhere people can easily view my images. When people also like or comment on my image, it will be seen to all your other followers.

Pinterest Pro’s:

  1. Designed for image sharing
  2. Attracts a mature crowd
  3. heavily used for art and illustration sharing
  4. Credits are usually always kept
  5.  Most people usually prefer to share images rather than post their own which means a higher circulation of work
  6. Gain followers
  7. easy to link with other pages.
  8. Create mood boards for clients
  9. have a ‘pin it’ link on my webpage so they can share the site and image
  10. It’s quite popular to sell work on there


  1. Not as popular as other social medias
  2. Own page is not customisable

pinterest 1pinterest 2

Pinterest Conclusion: For me this seems to be one of the most valuable answers to self promotion as the pros greatly out weigh the con’s, and to me this makes it seem a valuable tool to use for ‘relaxed’ target audience. What matters to me also is that there is a far more mature audience using the platform also, and the general audience does tend to look for a niche. For me this will be a great place to promote my work, as reminder to people in their every day lives.

pinterest 3

For now I have started a very basic page I hope it can blossom from here, if my list of Pro’s for the website prove helpful. I think this was a good step to start getting my artwork online, which helps with my own confidence issues. This page will be targetted at my informal audience, but as the pltform has a mature following it will hopefully get noticed by my formal audience.


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