For now I have successfully discovered what online platforms I will be using to promote myself to my informal audience, so now I need to look into online portfolios where hopefully potential clients and art directors will find me on.

Many online advice articles tend to suggest lots of options, but some come up more often than others. Here I will list the pros and cons of each and decided which is going to work best for me.

WordPress pro’s:

  1. Free (up to an extent)
  2. Fully customisable
  3. uses tags, and you can gain followers
  4. At a cost you can have a custom domain name
  5. Free analytics


  1. Designed for hosting word documents and blogging rather than a portfolio
  2. not everything is free, like uploading videos for example
  3. mostly used by writers rather than creatives

Conclusion on wordpress: Although I think this would be a really great tool for blogging, I don’t think it would really fit in. Or work as well as a portfolio host, and I need something that is designed specifically for that, that other creatives will find easily.

Cargo pro’s:

  1. Heavily used by other creatives
  2. Simple to use
  3. Lots of good pre designed templates
  4. the platform is designed for portfolios.
  5. The web pages look professional


  1. Have to apply or be invited to use it
  2. Is only free to a certain extent


Cargo conclusion: To be part of this would be a great opportunity to part of a network of amazing artists and illustrators, but of course I cannot just choose to be, I need to be chosen, which is obviously off-putting, I think its worth applying, but it won’t necessarily happen for me, perhaps in the future. But I would like to look for something similar to the look of their websites for my own work.

Deviant Art pros:

  1. Incredibly well-known
  2. Can add tags and create followers
  3. the whole community using it are from art and design
  4. designed for image sharing


  1. Tends to show very specific types of work
  2. attracts a younger crowd
  3. The type of work on there is not really my style
  4. non customisable page

deviant art

Deviant art conclusion: Although it is one of the largest art online art gallery and forum, I don’t think my work fits into it, and the crowd they attract is not the crowd I want to attract. A lot of professionals would also not consider looking for work on the platform. For me, it wouldn’t be professional enough to host a portfolio and it wouldn’t attract the crowd im looking for.

Photoshelter pro’s:

  1. heavy amount of traffic
  2. is designed for only professionals
  3. Good amount of exposure
  4. looks professional
  5. designed for portfolios
  6. Can have a custom domain
  7. have ready-made templates


  1. You do have to pay to be able to get certain amount of things
  2. You cannot create a network of followers or use hashtags for people to find you.


Despite have to pay to use this website, I can’t help but feel it would be an investment for the future, and out fo looking at very similar web hosts, this one visually looks the best. The amount of customisation, and the fact that you can link it to other social medias (my informal audience) would benefit me greatly. For now I think it would have to go on the back burner until I have more money, but using this seems as  though it would be very beneficial for my career.

Behance pro’s:

  1. links directly to my adobe ID
  2. Free
  3. Simple clear layout
  4. designed for portfolios
  5. Work can be easily found by others
  6. used by majority of creatives
  7. Creates a community for where work can be shared and appreciated


  1. non customisable page
  2. No custom domain

behance 2

Behance Conclusion: With this portfolio platform its actually quite tricky to find fault, as it understands what is needed by practitioners similar to myself, and is open to anyone, especially as most, if not all creatives will use the creative adobe suite so will automatically have an ID to create an account. What I also like about it is it keeps you aware of what all the other practitioners are doing and everyone can also provide support to each other and give ‘appreciation’. For me, if my online presence was going to be found by someone from my ‘formal’ audience, for now, I would first want to it to be through a behance profile.

Following this I have now set up my own profile, what I found really useful was the way in which I could display projects, WIP’s and even group projects, which seems a useful tool other websites didn’t seem to show and will hopefully help display what my work is about. So the amount of response I have received on it seems a lot slower than Instagram, but I feel that it could be something that gets better with time, rather than straight away, once I’ve posted a lot more work on there.

behance 1  behance


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