Notes from a presentation by Sylvia on presenting and promoting ourselves:

  • We need to check and see what other artists and illustrators are doing to promote themselves, This can be done by checking out the awwwards, awards for the best designed websites, by doing this I can see what the competition is and get inspiration for my own website.


  • An example of a well designed website it Kumi Yamashita’s website as he follows three rules for a good functioning website. Good use of Content, showing the content that is worthwhile showing. He considered the User Interface, it’s an easy web page to navigate which is a bonus. In addition, it has a good User Experience, he has thought about how the user can engage with his website and whether they enjoy it, and feel what they want you to feel .

kumi yamashita

  • In my webpage I need to cleverly arrange what i want to present to my audience, not just put anything on there.
  • I don’t want tp have too many menus or  options, I want to keep it clear as simplicity is important when considering user interface and experience.
  • The us of GIFS could help show my work in a more innovate way, or if a sculptural pice is what I’m displaying a GIF could help by showing all angles of the piece. This could all also help create interest and focus on the page.
  • Important to not forget the importance of a decent font, this can reference a website straight away and becomes recognisable. It also expresses whats me as an illustrator and I need a font that reflects my work.

There are different types of trends that my promotion can be for example there is:

  1. Open – for example Wikipedia, anyone can comment, edit and share a webpage. The more people do so the better.
  2.  Free – These are free of charge material given out to the public, much like radioheads album that was given out free of charge, this encouraged people to donate, which showed a lot of respect for the band as they even ended up making a huge profit.
  3. Crowd – This is aimed at all different kinds of users, across many countries, no limitation to promotion.


  • All artists portfolios can end up looking the same and its up to me to keep mine different and stand out from the crowd.
  • I can learn to write it myself in html and css which allows me to change and alter the appearance how  ever I want it to look.
  • I can also create wire frame in illustrator and photoshop of how I want it to look, which can then be converted to html and uploaded as a webhost.
  • I don’t just have to build a digital portfolio from scratch I can also use the tools of social media, such as tumblr and flickr.
  • There is also online collectives such as artsthread.com, behance, livebooks, photoshelter, Deviant Art, Redbubble, communication arts and design taxi.



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