As well as promoting myself for commissions I would also like to sell prints of my work. For this I could use websites such as Etsy, but I would instead prefer to sell on my own website, seeing as I’m designing it from scratch. I plan to sell one-off pieces on my website however, printed items like t-shirts and tote bags can be sold on Etsy and big cartel. By looking into these websites I can tell that big cartel allows you to be far more customisable with the web page, to create it individual and you can buy a custom domain. Whereas Etsy is also another possible alternative, which is very widely used and makes your items far more searchable, despite not having my own website. For that reason if I had to choose I think I will probably use Big Cartel to sell my items, below is a screenshot of another illustrator who does so.  The customisable page i believe makes my work much more sellable and helps to promote what my work is about.

big cartel

Looking into the distant future there is also other places to consider selling work like the Saatchi Store which is incredibly hard to get work sold on there, but still worth trying, and it would be an amain opportunity to promote myself and my work on there.

saatchi store

For me I think selling work is one of the best forms of promotion as it lets people have a keen interest and active role in what you do.


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