Before I even start considering how I want to self promote myself I need to establish my target audience.

From looking at various business approaches to this subject, it first begins by categorising the people I’m aiming my work at. I want to be looking at two different target audiences. I want to split them in groups. Different ways of marketing to each.I want an informal approach – blogging and discussion platforms, as well as social media. Because its good to start basic, whilst early days just want to get my name known. No prices of work. Just sharing my work with them as well as talking about others. My main reason for this, is word of mouth can be seen as incredibly important and serves the purpose of being remembered and noticed by the public, whether they are buying my work or not. So this target audience, could be anyone of any age, gender or interest, as long as they take an interest in my work this will be their similarity.

At the same time I want to create a formal professional approach to self promotion. This will not be aimed at the everyday person, but instead people who will be interested in investing time or money into me. People that have the ability to make a direct influence to my career. This form of self promotion will be encouraged to be viewed by art directors, newspapers, gallery curators, agents, potential clients etc. My approach to this would come in the form of professional portfolios, physical and digital, websites, business cards, cv’s and various promotional material.

Hopefully the two forms of self promotion will work together, by creating a hive of interest around my name with the relax approached, which will attract attention to my professional audience and encourage them to look at my professional forms of self promotion. As I want my promotion to speared as far as possible, rather than limiting myself to a certain postcode for example, my promotional material will mainly be online, as not to limit myself. By keeping the majority of target audience as quite vague I would benefit from keeping my promotional material not too vague, to stand out to my target audience against the vast amount of illustrators and designers that exist already on the web.


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