First week of design lab we were looking at Line, my word of inspiration was CHANGE. This word comes from FMP idea and my idea of the way illustration is changing. It’s a fairly vague word and tried my hardest to show it through string and nails to show the changing of shape and pattern. Obviously I could not display my FMP idea through this so I simple made abstractions of the word.

edit 1 edit 2

Here I have edited my images simply using contrast, colour and hue on Photoshop. I haven’t done anything dramatic to edit them, but my main aim was just to make the line clearer and be the main focus of the photograph. I don’t think these images are majorly successful in portraying my word, or as a decent aesthetic abstraction. But all the same its good to experiment. Due to my work stop motion seemed to fit well with this work which is why I filmed a short clip to show change in action. If I had more time I think the quality could be improved greatly and the theme of change more clearly. However, this is an experiment focused on process rather than result.

I tried to change my abstraction once again but this time using masking tape. This piece was more focused on chowing an exact change in the line, rather than using lots of lines, just one.

edit 4

I was really pleased with how this turned out, I added high contrast to keep the focus on the composition as a line and forget about other details, such as the fact its on the floor made from masking tape and just keep it as an experiment with lines. This edit went well, but what I actually really like d was a happy accident when my Photoshop malfunctioned and It cropped and coloured my images to create some really interesting effects.

Capture error 2 error 3 error 4 error 5

My favourite out of all of these was this coloured version:

error 6

Although they were accidents I really love how the colour and cropping of the lines changes the piece completely and changes the tone. I actually find this ‘accident’ really interesting to look at and would say it is more successful than the work I actually created myself.

Overall I found this workshop quite hard as I’m not accustomed to abstracting from a word, especially with limited tools and time, I’m not sure I would do it again but it will helping with the creative thinking process. I don’t think any of the work I produced in this workshop will count towards my FMP project, although interesting to work with it lacks a real connection with my FMP work.


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