Todays workshop was based on the use of Shape, using the same word of ‘change’ from last week. This was the task given to us:


The shapes we were given were very visually interesting in themselves as they wer incredibly organised, a aesthetically appealing look to the eye:

IMG_8470 IMG_8471

The difficult part for this task though was to take them out of the organised form and reconsider the shapesto make nine individual compositions which in turn could work on their own or together. This was a task that was actually in the end was very difficult, and for me  found when I lingered on it for too long it became very difficult and the process I found easier for this profject, was take the original shape, like the triangle shape or circle and manipulate the image in a certain way to keep it visually interesting and dynamic. The word change was something I lost focus on throughout the task, and I found by altering compositions change was a constant anyway, it didn’t need any more focus. This is how my final images turned out:

IMG_8473 IMG_8475 IMG_8476 IMG_8477

For me, my favorite out of them all is surprisingly the on e I did quickest, the first in the series. I think the variety of composition and abstracts symmetry is what really works for me in the piece. It was the image that I mostly considered using each frame in the 9×9 square individually, rather than continually looking at the piece as a whole. Again I thought this was an interesting workshop, but for me I think the photo edits I achieved last week are actually far more visually interesting that just these. I think this was a good experiment in testing the way shapes work as a composition and a theory I can remember when compositing any of my work, it works as a good basic platform for starting to consider any composition whether its shapes or text in an abstract form or not.


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