1. Title:

  • Using the internet to influence my own practice


2. Content:

  • I want to look at how illustrators are adapting to fit in with trends such as internet art.
  • The content of my project will include experimentations with gif art. I also want to try mixing contemporary methods with traditional ways of illustrating.

·         I’m hoping to look at the work of Quentin Jones, Alexander Glandien and Brian Stauffer.

3. Why:

·         I chose this area of research as as a practising illustrator i think its importsnt to stay up to date with trends in illustration, keeping my work relevant.

·         I’ve chosen to do this, personally because its a field that interests me and also because the cultural and social issues that cultivates around the interent is quite broad and I think it would provide a lot for me to create some work on.

3. Audience:

  • My project is speaking to contemporary illustrators who want to find new ways of making work.
  • I also want to reach out to the type of people I’m referring to when I discuss the social implications of art that is created to be seen online.
4. Methodologies:

  • Considering the nature of my project, most o fmy research will be online, as not many galleries host internet art, and to GIFS and interactive websites need to be accessed online.
  • However sometimes there is the rare exhibition that references internet art, so I will hopefully visit some of them.
  • I will try and contact some of the editorial illustrators I have found to get a first hand, what they were thinking when they create their work
  • My research will primarily contain interviews, drawing and digital experiments and searching the internet for relevant illustrators.
5. Personal learning:

  • I hope to personally learn a lot about what sets some illustrators and apart form others, and hopefully do the same thing. What do you personally hope to learn or achieve with this project?
  • I also want to learn a new process, or working with digital mediums, whilst blending traditional ways of drawing.
6. Making Public:


·         My work will be made public by being published on the internet.

·         I will disseminate my research with a collation drawings that I will then also develop into digital works, in the form of GIF animations.


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