Project Proposal:

In my own practice and dissertation I’ve gathered an increased interest on the internet and how it affects the practice of illustrators. I’m intrigued in the ways in which we are developing and adapting to fit in with the trends.

I believe the cultural and social aspects that cultivate around the boom of the internet are making a difference in the practice of most illustrators and the way we view their work, online rather than in galleries. It even affects editorial illustration.

I want to do this because as a practising illustrator for I feel it’s important to keep my work relevant and know what is changing in the world of illustration. This seems a heavy topic that could give a lot of content to comment on and assess.

I feel as though a lot of my work could revolve around the work of the GIF, what it stands for and how other illustrators are utilising it.

Another idea that interests me is the idea that the nostalgia of how we originally used to view illustration is lost; everything has become digital, which is something we didn’t have before. This reminds me of the work of Alex Simpson whose comments on a story of lost childhood and nostalgia.

I want to create work that isn’t entirely focused on grasping digital media and moving forward but also takes time to consider what has been lost, an age where illustration was only seen as beautifully printed in ink in books, like in my own childhood were the internet had no influence on how I viewed artworks. Could this be done through a narrative? Not only that but it is changing the way we view work in galleries. More and more virtual and digital galleries like Geoffery Lillemon’s collaborations with Random Studio.

This subject matter can turn two ways treat it as a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE change. This is something I will come to terms with across the project. I will either choose for myself or allow the viewer to make that decision.

The methodologies I want to use are again splitting my research into two, looking further into the digital side of illustration that utilises it, such as Lillemon’s virtual galleries, Quentin Jones Gif work and Brian Stauffer’s editorial GIF illustrations. To contrast, I will look at the theme of nostalgia in Alex’s Simpsons work and Angela Deane’s Ghost series. My research will mainly consist of experimental drawings and style until I figure out the best method of portraying me either positive or negative approach across.

On a personal level form the project I want uncover meaning in my work but also push my ability with drawings and try and uncover my own style and approach to getting across a meaning through the use of drawing and mark making. My research for ways of image making and drawing include the work of Paige Moon, Lieke van der Vorst, Kirstin Sims, Monica Ramos, Lizzy Stewart and Grace Wilson.

The audience for my work will include other contemporary illustrators, or people with an interest in the subject to comment and maybe understand and consider the changes internet has had.


Geoffrey Lillemon: http://thenailpolishinferno.com/v01/


Quentin Jones: http://www.quentinjones.info/work/

Brain Stauffer: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/17/opinion/life-sentences-for-low-level-crimes.html?_r=0

Alex Simpson: http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/alex-simpson

Angela Deane: http://www.wetheurban.com/post/87448083539/photography-ghost-photographs-by-angela-deane

Paige Moon: http://cargocollective.com/paigemoon/Paintings

Lieke van der Vorst: http://www.liekeland.nl/

Kirstin Sims: http://kirstensims.blogspot.co.uk/

Monica Ramos: http://www.monramos.com/#sometimes-i

Lizzy Stewart : http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/illustrator-lizzy-stewart


Grace Wilson: http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/grace-wilson-eyes-peeled


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