In my last post I noticed that I started drawing but I had no really context to my work. because of this i have revisited my project proposal. Whilst writing my proposal I kept note of some illustrators work that I really liked th sound of and thought I could incorporate into my research.

One of these illustrators was Alex Simpson, I found her on It’s nice that and her work really reminds me of nostalgia and a deterioration of memory.

The article states:

“Childhood is a place I long to return – a place of safety and comfort, where I exist happy; careless; fearless; unencumbered by adult experience.” Through her explorations of fear, loss and the unknown, shown through her wistful sculptures,”


Nostalgia is unavoidable. Playing with a collision of emotions, the desire and mourning for the innocence and naivety of childhood with the strength and anxieties provoked by adult fears and experiences, they toy with our own intuition; despite confronted by our own disjointed emotions, we can’t help but want to be in their company.



This work has a really deep interesting motive behind it. For me I think it’s the delicate blurred mark making that reminds me the nostalgia and collision of emotions. The imagery used seems very typical of children’s book watercolour images that reminds me of the naivety of childhood. However the dark sombre tones of colour, and the fact that all the characters look particularly morose and dark suggest the themes of anxiety and collision of adult fears.

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This project for Simpson, it’s clear becomes somewhat personal, even though there is a clear air of ambiguity about what each character, sculpture or painting means in particular to the artist. Bt I think that’s what keeps the project delicately and morosely beautiful. Which is why I also think the article remains ambiguous about each piece of work but talks about it as a collection and its themes of nostalgia.



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