After being inspired by the work of Alex Simpson I was inspired to create work based on my own nostalgia and childhood memory.

I Imitated her use of watercolours as for me I love the way the colour runs and fades, almost symbolic for  the fading of memory.

scan  2 scan  1

These two are the strongest from my sketchbook and I chose them for the aesthetic appeal. It remains incredibly personal work. I used the dripping colour as a way of representing as nostalgia, if it was a painting exactly how it was at the time there would be no purpose for it, but the drained colour represent the nostalgia and deterioration of memory. This technique does seem a little cliché and I feel as though it has been done before, it works well aesthetically for these pieces.

I will keep these pieces as developmental work but I don’t believe I need to take this process any further. next i think I need to find some sort of basis for my work to be based on rather than simple personal drawing which lacks a certain amount of depth.


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