In my last tutorial with Rachel we discussed my last paintings, and there was some similar concerns that I had myself. My work will benefit so much more if I use some sort of text like a poem or story. Especially after last year I really enjoyed making working complimenting the poetry of Sylvia Plath.

I was recommended to use Charles Bukowski as a starting point, but not necessarily use this as something to base my whole project on.

I have made a definite decision to focus my work on themes of childhood and nostalgia, as not only does this interest me there is a vague link I can make back to my research on internet art and the effect it has had on my own childhood and nostalgia.

Ultimately, at this stage I can also start deciding whether I want my work to be directly about the link between childhood and internet art. or I could utilise the medium myself to push my own practice forward into the realm of other illustrators doing so. perhaps the work I create at the end of the project could be read on a webpage, which distorts the normal reality of illustrations for prose and poetry being in a traditional book format.

For my next tuorial I want to find a text I feel comfortable working with and practising my drawing skills at the same time, as my drawing is something I really want to disocver and push in this project.


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