Todays workshop was based on using shapes and inanimate objects to create a stop motion animation, the aim was look at the past workshop outcomes and use them as inspiration to create movement. This was the first workshop creating an outcome as a group, which was really interesting working with people from other disciplines.

FullSizeRender(1) FullSizeRender(2) FullSizeRender

Before we decided which group we were in, I was already interested in the idea of the paintbrush and it seemed to have so many creative options and it could literally paint the shapes, luckily the people I wanted to group with loved the idea! Here was the final outcome:

We had a few issues with the image size and in the final outcome, the frame shrinks, however this is only a tester so we are not too annoyed. I’m happy with the outcome but it did end up being something I didn’t expect. When I initially had the idea I was thinking of geometric shapes being painted with the paintbrush, but what we came out with seems a far more creative option, and it meant all decisions in the creative process has everyone input. This process was an interesting project, and i would consider doing something like this again but not in a group, as I think if I were to do it myself I would have a very different outcome. which would rely on the use of shapes much more, and I would also spend more time on it. What I can take from these workshops is being able to mix 2D and 3D shaped and consider how the two can work spatialy together.


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