Even though I am still in the drawing research stage, at the oment I still feel as though my owrk will head in the ‘internet art’ region, using the medium in the best way I can. Whilst browsing on its nice that when looking for visual research for my last post I came across Quentin Jones. Quentin Jones is a film, fashion editorial arists and illustrators. What draws me to her work most is Her wide use sof GIF’s

mask-600 resort3 resort5

These are a selection of GIFs created for AnOther magazine. Again this brings me back to my research from my dissertation on the subjects of contemporary artists or designers adopting the medium of the internet, GIF’s in paticular. for example when you look on Quentin Jones page the grid formation is almost a solid wall of GIF animations. Especially as video artists it gives her the chance make her work so much more readily available and accessible. The work she is creating within the world of fashion really exploits the fact the she is one of few in the fashion industry working in this way. Even though I have not done heavy research into the world of fashion it’s clear to see work like this is not often created. Not only this but I really like the incorporation of illustrative style working alongside fashion. It’s all three elements of fashion, illustration and GIF format that makes this artists work stand out to me. This is the impact I want my own work to have. I don’t want to work fashion but \i want to utilise the format and medium in a way that is executed as creatively and showcases the medium as well as this artist has.

Through Jones’ use of animation I like the it isn’t animated in a thoughtless way, as it’s not the girl simple walking or moving etc. The cut out geometric shapes and composition alterations bring attention to certain colours or details of the clothing. I could apply this to my own work, even though I’m not working to clothing a change of composition of colour highlighting could bring attention to whatever I feel is important to the illustration.

I think Quentin jones is a really important artist to aspire to when concerning GIF’s in my own work. Not just for visual style, as my own already seems entirely different, but simply for the utilisation of the method and creative insight. Her webpage for example is almost entirely made of GIF’s including the opening banner that pops up, it makes her work look incredibly more visually engaging and sets her apart from any other fashion editorial artist.

There was far more work from her website that I really liked and felt inspired by but unfourtunetly the website does not allow you to save the GIF file so I only have these to put on my blog and save as visual material. I do however think that throughout my work I will be making reference to her as an artist I admire for the utilisation of the medium.


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