In my last post I mentioned that when I tried making work for ‘The man with beautiful eyes’ my work had ended up replicating what had come before, so instead I want to revisit some of the illustrators I mentioned in my original project proposal draft, for some visual style inspiration and influence, similar to a research file.

Grace Wilson:

_BD6B2029_ _BD6B2067_ _BD6B2062_ _BD6B2011__


I have chosen this illustrator as it’s a really visually interesting pblication adn her use of colour is really nice, I had never really ocnisdered having two colour pallettes or similar, and even having a colour palette change depending on a page in a book. Her work was found through It’s Nice that.


Lizzy Stewart:

WRAP Lizzy 15_650 front-cover-web_650

Lizzy again has a really interesting use of colour but I’m far more interested in Lizzy’s use of mark making, especially in the latter, the pencil texture is really quite endearing. I found her work through Pinterest and also it’s nice that. I also like her contrast with watercolour in contrast to the pencil marks, looks really great together.


Kirtsten Sims:

Secret+garden+2 IMG_2300 IMG_2303


This is Kirsten Sim’s work she is creating for her postgrad and again my main focus and reason for looking at her visual style is her use of mark making.



EELabels_Liekeland_2014-1200x999 bontvoordieren3_liekeland_20151 Liekeland_illustratie_CASA_illustratie-1200x846


I really love the way this swedish illustrators deals with flat colour, the marks are subtle but aesthetically look really nice. Again found on pinterest.


Angela Deane:

tumblr_n6gvvfDQPz1qa4iv8o1_500 tumblr_n6gvvfDQPz1qa4iv8o4_500 Ghost_Images_Angela_Deane_09 Ghost_Images_Angela_Deane_04

This artists obviously uses photography but I decided to choose her work as I was intrigued by th reference to memory, and perhaps nostalgia. Again this work was found on pinterest. It reminds me of my previous paintings inspired by Alex Simpson


Paige Moon:

living-room-fixed2_670 ear-cleaning150_670 Scan-fixed-150-4in_525

This illustrator I also found on it’s nice that, and she is different from the other work I’ve chosen again because she doesn’t draw but is instead a painter. What interested me about her work is the use of a focus on the mundane. It’s the details in her images. as simple as a box of tissues that really draws you into her work. Again she was found on pinterest.


In conclusion, I really like all of the illustrators and their visual style is something I find I’m envious of, but none I can make a direct link to my work. All i can really take from looking at theirs is their use of mark making. One of my favourites here would have to be the last, and I think it is because of the focus on the mundane object. perhaps from her work I could take a look at the use of a mundane object in illustration, or the small details in poetry which could become engaging to the reader to have visuals for the small details that make up the whole text.


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