In my previous posts I have been looking to find a appropriate text to create work on, but I have found my self being drawn back to an animation I looked at as research for the RSA brief, animator Jonathan Hodgson and Illustrator Jonny Hannah made an animation for Charles Bukowski’s poem; ‘The man with beautiful eyes’. The poem follows the story of a group of young boys finding an abandoned house they visited as children. I remember really loving the visual style of the animation and I thought the text would be perfect as it uses the themes of childhood, and written with a tone of nostaligia. I found the poem and immediately felt like I was inspired to create some work. What I was afraid of however was imitating the imagery already used so whilst doing the drawing I made an effort to not watch the video or use it for any type of reference and simply use the text as my inspiration. Some of my favourite illustrations from the poem are below:

scan  6 scan  7 scan  8 scan  3 scan  4 scan  5

The original plan was make an illustration for each line, as to me I thought each line is so full of imagery, I was really happy with my images, however when I watched the video back after this first session of drawing, I think the fact that the animation exists whilst I was making the work it was sub-consciencely in the back of my mind as, unfortunately,  the visual style is incredibly similar.

So although I really enjoyed making work for this piece of text, and if fits my project proposalwell,  because there is work made on this poem in paticular  my work is naturally replicating what came before.

I think the next step for me would be to start recognising my own visual style and then possibly coming back to this stage again. This project feels as though its  becoming a ‘drawing for research’ project, a way to find my own visual style and where I stand amongst professional practicing illustrators. At this stage I just wan to continue at a  steady pace for drawing, However, there are so many different ways of mark making and creating imagery I think I could also benefit from taking ym research back to drawing and visuals that interest me.


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