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Starting the animating process was definitely a huge struggle, and I found I needed a lot of patience which i did not originally possess, it was also quite hard at first to visualise how it would all look together when I didn’t have the equipment to film it as I was going in front of me. The other difficulty I faced was realising that some of my orignal ideas for the animation I had to change as I didn’t think the amount of frames I had to put it in would work as well as a different way of doing it would. I also taught myself the simple benefit of having a frame I drew originally underneath which I then traced over to keep the same. I found the beginning process taught me a lot about learning to work with the materials, and instead of just drawing naturally finding ways to draw that could be depicted in motion to an appropriate number of frames. It allowed me to plan my drawings a lot more and rather than just focusing on naturally drawing each time, keeping it to certain dimensions or structures. It has been a huge learning curve so far, and I think it will take a lot longer than expected. One of the main issues I’m struggling with currently is drawing with an ink and quill is incredibly time-consuming. If all my frames were drawn with pencil  would be done a lot quicker, and accurately, but the nature of the material takes a lot more patience and attention to detail as marks cannot be made as quickly as a pencil, this would be fine if I was only drawing each image once, but it’s being drawn multiple times.



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