We discussed in mu last tutorial that I need to stop focusing so hard on finding one specific text to work from, as it’s a very long, time-consuming process and instead just start creating work, as I need the drawing to keep going if I am trying to keep the creative process flowing.

It’s also been said that I should continue my research into illustrators creating animation  so that I can remain aware of the translation of illustration to moving pictures and start considering how my own work and mark making could eventually translate in my own GIF animations. By seeing what exists already I can also start thinking about where my own practice sits amongst the illustrators creating the same work with a similar process.

I could also consider other ways of creating work that wasn’t just drawing and consider looking into mono printing or other means of mark making.

The first step after this tutorial is spend a lot more time drawing, finding out what my content will include and from there, looking at other printmaking illustrations see how my own work could translate into GIF’s


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