Like I mentioned in my last post, I was finding the animation process quite difficult and found animation a struggle for the first time, especially with drawing each frame by hand. Bu this date I was planning on having a finished animation but unfortunately I was only able to reach a half way point. This was purely through trial and  error I found that I was sure I would be able to get it done in a quicker scale, when in fact I have found it impossible. However even though I’m at a halfway point I decided to film it, just so that if there are any major issues I can iron them out now and double-check any of the timings, rather than finishing the whole thing and finding out it doesn’t work.

This is the final result. visually I’m incredibly happy with it, the timing is perfect, the only errors in this film so far, are luckily just the filming, which I can do properly when I make the film for the final time. I took this video to my tutorial and everyone seemed very happy with it aswell, again it was just filming errors where it goes black for no reason in some places, and where the composition of the screen isn’t correct in some places. I also think I have worked out the process and just need to carry on as so far I am happy with the final result.



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